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How to Cure Thrush Quickly

Thrush can occur to anyone, do not know gender or age. The causes also vary, ranging from infection, lack of vitamins or minerals, accidentally biting the tongue or the inside of the cheek, stress, hormonal changes, to allergies. To cure it, let's consider the explanation in the following article. Mild thrush generally does not require special treatment, because it can heal by itself within 1-2 weeks. Even if using drugs, it is intended to reduce symptoms or pain due to canker sores. If you can not stand a long time experiencing thrush, there are ways you can do to cure thrush quickly. Cure Thrush Quickly To relieve pain and accelerate thrush healing, there are several natural ingredients or drugs that can be used, namely: 1. Saga leaves and liquorice Saga leaves and liquorice (licorice) have long been believed to be efficacious for treating thrush. This herb is often used as an herbal medicine because it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects. These
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Come on, Know the Food Causes of Constipation when Fasting

Certain types of food can make it easier for you to experience indigestion, including constipation. Well, so that digestion remains smooth when fasting, there are some foods that cause constipation that need to be limited when breaking or dawn. Based on research, constipation or difficult bowel movements are more prone to occur when fasting. Apart from lack of fluid and fiber intake, constipation during fasting can also occur due to consuming too many certain foods. Come on, find out more about what foods cause constipation when fasting! Various Foods That Cause Constipation In order to fast fast and avoid constipation, you need to limit the consumption of various foods that cause constipation, such as: 1. Red meat Red meat contains a lot of protein and fat. Both of these nutrients are harder and longer to digest than carbohydrates. That is the reason why eating too much red meat when fasting causes constipation. 2. Milk and dairy products Too much consumption of milk and dai

This habit can keep children from flu during the rainy season

The flu can not only cause fever in children, but also make children not go to school so they miss lessons. Parents can try to protect children from the flu-causing virus by teaching them some healthy living habits. If you catch a cold, usually the child will feel dizzy, tired, aching muscles, fever, uncomfortable throat, nasal congestion, cold sweat, or cough. The flu can be caused by a virus that spreads through saliva splashes while sneezing, coughing, or even while talking. Keep in mind, the child's immune system is still developing so that the immune system is not as strong as the immune system of an adult. Therefore, parents need to be extra careful in protecting children from influenza viruses, especially in the rainy season, where a lot of flu occurs. How to Maintain Children's Health in the Rainy Season The following are some ways you can take care of your child's health during the rainy season: Washing hands Hand washing is an important habit to teach